Project Description:

Scales Retail

Light is the electronic counter scale, practical and handy, with backlit display and designed for the needs of small stores that want to weigh with accuracy and operating speed. Thanks to the technology with which it is designed, Light provides good performance and ease of use.

The fast and durable printer allows quick management of the weight workstation both while in department sale mode or check-out mode, directly connected to the cash register. Strong and compact, especially in the CS version (low), Light is the ideal product for small but very active stores.

The presence of backlit LCD display provides both the operator and the customer, with a good visibility of all data and weight of sale, in any light condition and distance. Light is equipped with a mechanical keyboard, durable and waterproof, making it suitable for any environment and any stress.

Technical specifications

maximum capacity Multirange 12-30Kg
division 2-5g
Customer and Operator displays Numerical Backlit LCD for weight, tare, price, amount 
integrated indicators

High resolution thermal printer (8 dots/mm), 2", easy - loading

max speed: 60mm/sec

paper roll size: 58 mm x 30 mt

Paper type Thermal paper
Keyboard 36 keys
Connection 1 seral RS232 for PC, ECR (department sale or check-out mode)
Standard equipment Square basin plate
Optionals Join PLUS low tension adapter
back up battery
basin plate
Operational temperature -10°C/+40°C
Power supply 110-230V AC with external adapter 9Vcc - 2,5A
12/24V with car cigarette lighter adapter
Consumption 25VV

Functional features

Operators 4 simultaneous Operators
PLU 100
10 direct - 10 semi-direct 
30 with 5 lines ingredients
Lists 20 lists with 5 lines for product traceability
Main functions 

Weight, receipt on thermal paper
programmable barcode printing
recall of Subtotal and re-opening of the transaction
void of open transaction
Programming with code or with help menu
Printing of totals by item, operator and department (with VAT details)